New Equipment

In 2014, Plastec Sales, LLC partnered with Right Stuff Equipment, based in Denver. The company represents RSE throughout the Upper Midwest for VFFS baggers, tray formers as well as integration and fabrication of packaging and processing equipment.

Since 2013, Plastec Sales, LLC has represented Michigan-based Dynamic Conveyor to manufacturers across the Upper Midwest. Their custom DynaClean conveyors may be the perfect solution for your business.

Starting in 1996, Plastec Sales, LLC has offered Connecticut-based Bollore plastic film to distributors across the Upper Midwest. From shrink film to food barrier films, they have a specialty film to fulfill your need.

Throughout the years, Plastec Sales, LLC has offered various other plastic film brands from processors across the continent. Whether you’re a distributor or a manufacturer, Plastec Sales, LLC can help you find the perfect film to protect your product.